Train Of Grain

A Topper The Topmost Mouse Adventure

Join Topper the Topmost Mouse as he travels across the Canadian midwest, on a special grain-shipping mission from Captain Nemo. Topper is a native of Winnipeg, and a lover of theatre (and some of the finer things in life!) When he suddenly gets zapped aboard Captain Nemo's Nautilus, his life changes completely, and he's swept into a series of adventures. Follow Topper's TRAIN OF GRAIN series episodes, as he and his fellow heroes of Animazia try to make things better by learning from each other and the world around us.
Watch the series with the link below, and contact us if there are stories YOU want us to tell!

Series Episodes

Mission: Possible.

Topper Travels Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

In partnership with: Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre

The Heart of Canada

Nemo's Beacon at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

In partnership with: Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Topmost Ship

Billy and Topper Chart a Course Aboard the Acadia

In partnership with: Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

The Sinking of the Algoma

Jerry Muskrat takes a dive into Lake Superior

In partnership with: Thunder Bay Museum

Durn It!

Topper Gives Jerry A Tour of Dundurn Castle

In partnership with: Dundurn National Historic Site